• Bung Chawak

    , by Safarine...

    In a large natural park of leisure, located around a beautiful lake in Bung Chawak, there are hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, massage parlors, a splendid aquarium, a botanical garden, a crocodile pond with sixty siamese crocodiles and a zoo.

  • Vaccinations and safety recommandations

    , by Safarine...

    “Mosquitoes are more dangerous than tigers”
    This thai sentence is really used in the land of smile.
    Mosquitoes are considerably more than tigers and they don’t run away when humans approach….

  • Wat Tham Phuwa

    , by Safarine...

    A Chasm
    This small temple-cave, beautifully decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, is long renowned as a place of retreat and meditation. The cave, main element of the site, is formed by the collapse of the vault of a karstic cavity due to the dissolution of the limestone layers by the (...)